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In this section you will see some of my invisibility examples.
Why would you want to make somebody in a picture invisible? Well, I'm sure there is a picture (or many pictures) in your home that you look at every single day when you walk by.
Well, Imagine if you were walking by that same boring picture one day, and one of the family members in the picture were invisible! Imagine how surprised you would be! Well, with a little bit of my help, you can give your family members that same amount of surprise. Just put the picture back on the wall and see how long it takes them to catch on!

This is a very disgusting image of Saddam.
I decided to fix it. I think the end result is easier to view, considering you can't see his ugly face anymore.

Surprisingly, I don't charge very much for my services.
A simple fee of 10 dollars (which includes tax)and you can have your very own realistic image!

Images must be sent via email.
This allows the customer and I to save money on shipping. Also, I accept paypal only. If you would like, i will send you a small version of your altered image before you pay me to make sure you like what I have done. Once you have paid, I will send you the full size image!

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His head has been knocked clear off!
See? Isn't this easier to look at?

This is an image that I made of invisible soccer players.