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In this section you will see some of my coloring examples.
This is very useful if you have outline drawings
and you would like to see what they would look
like on tv. If you send me your pics, I can
colorize them for around 15 dollars. Colorizing
without shadowing and light reflections is only
.00. Shadows are 2.50 and light reflections are
Don't think of me as one of those people who watches anime, but if you send me a picture, I will try to color it!

This is an outline of some anime guy.

This took me about 2 and a half hours.

Images must be sent via email.

This is the original. They are people from a videogame. I did not draw them.

This took about 3 and a half hours. Compression really killed this picture......... .

This is the picture without shading. unfortunately, the shading on the face and hair is irreversible because of a mistake on my part. But if that happened, and you didn't want to pay for shading, I might just give the shading to you for free. (only in a case like this.)^_^