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This section features my color correction examples.
As you can see, color correction is often essential for bringing life into your photos.

Do you have an adorable picture of your children?
Does it need a bit of color correcting to reach its potential? I can correct it for only one dollar.
This picture needed a little bit of help.

I was able to bring out the shine in this girl's eyes.
This amaizing picture used to look a bit musky. On the right side of the picture, you can see how I have cleared it up. I saved it this way so that you could see the contrast.
Old family photos are also fun to get corrected
As you can see, the left side if the picture shows the original. The right side is my modified version. The picture had a yellow tone to it, and it looked faded. Once again, i put the original and fixed pictures together to show contrast.
This is an old image
While there is still a lot of work that could be done on this one, it still looks a whole lot better than the original red version.
This is one of my favorates.

There were many steps involved in fixing this photo.

Much better
As you can see, this child looks much more adorable in the second picture.

Color corrections cost only one dollar for the first picture, and you only pay 50 cents for the each additional picture! I'm pretty reasonable. Just send your pictures via email.